Hassam Hameed-TDO-14.11.2017- Delhi’s air quality was back to emergency category on Monday evening and the monitoring agencies have forecasted for further rise in the toxicity. India’s environment minister has suggested calm though, as there's no need to panic and only routine precautions are needed to cope up with the situation.

Leaders in India are being criticized for not being able to tackle the situation which is wiping off years from citizens lives. Levels of PM2.5 in Delhi were around 400 which is deep into ‘hazardous category’ according to US Embassy website. PM2.5 can move deep into lungs and can be very harmful. Concentration of dangerous particles has risen more than 700 mg per cubic meter in certain parts of Delhi. Doctors have declared ‘Public health emergency’ as 20% rise in patients is being reported.

For the moment doctors are recommending masks and use of air purifiers at home. Authorities have closed down schools, have put restrictions on trucks and banned construction. Medical association have announced public health emergency. All this is good, but campaigners have said long-term measures are mandatory to tackle this catastrophe.

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