News Center -TDO- Due to the 72nd Republic Day of India, hosted by Indian Ambassador to Turkey Sanjay Kumar Panda, a “Virtual Republic Day” celebration was organized by the Embassy of India.

Ambassador Panda posted a video message on the occasion of "Virtual Republic Day" held on India's 72nd Republic Day.

Ambassador Panda, in his message, stated that this day is a special day celebrated by about 1.4 billion Indians in India and 35 million Indian diaspora worldwide and expressed gratitude to those who have fought in the past to gift their freedom to his country.

"But in the end, the democratic morality and values of the country prevailed,” Ambassador Panda said, “noting that in retrospect they had made a long but stable journey and encountered several deep pits that they had to overcome on the road. Amid all the negativity, India has emerged stronger and smarter. The Republic's experiment with democracy, launched 71 years ago, is now part of India's DNA."

Ambassador Panda continued: "We must eradicate poverty as soon as possible, find jobs for our millions of young people, ensure and strengthen gender justice, and improve government capacity to ensure and increase citizen participation in governance. Our dreams need to be realized in an environment of Global Change and uncertainty on the economic, political, security and climate fronts."

Mr. Ambassador ended his remarks with the following statements: "India and Turkey have a deep history, civilization and cultural connection. Our societies represent ancient civilizations. Our peoples have known and interacted with each other for thousands of years, both intellectually and materially. We lived in a transforming world. We have overcome difficult and unfortunate times in recent centuries.

Today, we are young nations with dynamic, strong economies, vibrant, eager and young societies that are rapidly re-emerging. We share the qualities of democracy, secularism and the rule of law. Atatürk's name and legacy have a special appeal for every Indian. The similarities between our countries in terms of pluralism and multi-ethnic social structure resonate strongly in India.

It's time we put aside the external issues that have taken us away from our larger goals. Now is the time to realize this big picture and achieve a qualified transformation in our bilateral relations. Only then can India and Turkey realize their full potential as natural partners in the 21st century."

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