News Centre -TDO- Regarding the border issue, Indian National Security Adviser Shri Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister and State Council member Wang Yi held a phone call on July 5, 2020. The two Special Representatives exchanged frank opinions on the latest developments in the India-China border region.

The two special representatives agreed that maintaining peace and tranquility in the India-China border region was necessary for further development of bilateral relations and that the two sides should not allow differences to turn into disagreements. In this context, they agreed that both sides should quickly complete the ongoing separation process along the demarcation line. The parties also affirmed that they must respect and observe the designated borders and not take unilateral action to change the status quo and work together to avoid any event that could disrupt peace and tranquility in future border areas.

The two special representatives also agreed to continue this dialogue so that peace and tranquility in the India-China border region can be fully and permanently achieved in accordance with bilateral agreements and protocols.

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