News Center -TDO- Belarus’ Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Savinykh and his spouse Vera Savinykh hosted a reception in consequence of the Independence Day of Belarus at Ankara Sheraton Hotel.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı, ambassadors, military attaches and many other guests attended to the reception.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Savinykh said that the sovereignty of his country is the most fundamental value of Belarus, independent of the ethnic origin and political beliefs of the citizens and added “We deeply respect the sovereignty of our international partners and protect our country's independence with this reality."

Mr. Ambassador stated that the relations between Belarus and Turkey has always evolved on the basis of true partnership and friendship and said "Turkey becomes first country to recognize the independence of the Belarusian historical fact, it has been the symbol of our friendship and our mutual good faith understanding."

Stating that cooperation in the fields of education, science and tourism has also increased, Ambassador Savinykh stressed that they are determined to further develop this policy for the benefit of the two nations. Ambassador Savinykh, finalized his speech with these words; "Long live Belarus, Long live Turkey, Long live the friendship of Belarus and Turkey.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı also made a speech and said that Turkey and Belarus have the political will and this will is going to evolve the bilateral relations between this two countries.

Stressing that the trade volume between the two countries needs to be worked hard to reach the level of $ 1.5 billion set by Erdoğan and Lukashenko at their last meeting, Mr. Kaymakcı said, "The business line is indeed an important driving force of our relations. Turkish investors have established themselves in various sectors in Belarus. We want to take this even further. "

Kaymakçı also talked regarding the cultural relations between Belarus and Turkey and said "In parallel to these developments, in recent years there was a significant increase in the flow of tourists between the two countries. Last year, 245 thousand Belarusian tourists were accommodated in Turkey."

Mr. Kaymakcı expressed gratitude to the Ambassador Savinykh for the contribution to the development of bilateral relations and finalized his speech with the words of "Si praznikom (Happy Holidays)" in Belarusian.

Belarusian Defense Attaché Sergei Sidomonidze said that with the decree signed by Belarusian President Lukashenko, Ambassador Savinykh was awarded the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Belarus for his work.

After the speeches Ambassador Savinykh and Kaymakcı cut the cake together.

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