Mustafa AY – TDO – 2.01.2017 From the last week on, Iranian society’s unrest emanating from the country’s static economy made many Iranians angry apparently. According to reports released by well-respected news agencies, 12 civilian were dead as a result of fires security forces opened with the aim of dispersing the furious demonstrators. Besides, almost 400 protestors were detained by the security forces, since the uprising arose. But, according to Iranian authorities, they are not liable for those 12 protestors’ death and claimed that they don’t know who shot fire to the demonstrators. For this reason, Iranian authorities have doubts about that USA and Israel partnership would be behind the bloody revolts spreading across the country. The extent of the insurrection contained every major cities of Iran like capital city Tehran, Karaj, Tuyserkan, Hamedan, Arak, Saveh, Amol, Sari and Qazvin.

In the bloody riot, one member of security forces lost his life while they were struggling for quelling the uprising. Following all unfortunate incidents, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani made a remark pointing to economy, “we know and understand our public’s demands. So, we’ll do our best to invigorate our economy”. Besides these utters, President Rouhani underscored the foreign figures’ place on the insurrection. He said “The insurrection is evidently the product of foreign powers. They have some men among the protesters receiving order to incite society and encourage them to take part in demostrations”. Besides this explanation, he stressed that not all protesters receive orders from alien powers, but there are some genuine Iranians appeared on the streets on account of their economic and social drawbacks.


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