Diana ADZHYKELDIIEVA – TDO – Dramatically accelerating automation in industry and transport are destroying jobs, but for German companies increasingly difficult to find suitable employees.

In 2016, it became clear that the global auto industry is developed in the direction of electric production. 

And then came the realization of what will happen with engine builders and their suppliers, as for electric motors require far less parts than internal combustion engines. "From today's seven jobs is only one is need in the manufacture of engines and other components," - says the chairman of the staff council of the concern Daimler Michael Brecht (Michael Brecht).

Find the right people - one of the main problems in 2017

However, in Germany at the end of 2016 it became clear, and something quite different: a chronic problem of the German economy - a lack of well-trained workers. 
According to December 27 at the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Volker Trayer (Volker Treier), chief economist of the Federal Association of Commerce and Industry Chambers of Germany (DIHK), the risk of not find a suitable staff has increased significantly during the year.

"On the shortage of qualified personnel complain for 40 per cent of enterprises", - said Volker Trayer, citing DIHK survey conducted among German industrial companies.

Particularly acute problem of shortage of qualified personnel is, according to the DIHK, in companies providing IT-services to industrial customers, as well as machine-tool factories. It deteriorated sharply shortage of staff in sectors such as electrical and furniture industry.

At the same time, underline the experts interviewed by dpa, and in health care and education, and agriculture, and numerous works continue to be performed are not by mechanisms, but by real people with the appropriate skills. Well, in German industry is now in high demand such a classic industrial profession as an engineer.

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