Mustafa AY – TDO- On Tuesday, two Reuters Journalists, whose names are Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, were eventually freed from state of imprisonment, which lasted for 511 days in vain, as a result of presidential decree of amnesty. In 2017, when religious and political persecution and carnage against Rohingyan Muslims by Myanmar’s government forces and Buddhist priests erupted, Journalist Lone and Soe Oo were convicted of indictment of contravening 'the Official Secrets Act' by allegedly exposing Myanmar’s government’s war crimes, while conducting a detailed scrutiny regarding killing of 10 Rohingyan Muslims by Myanmar’s security forces. Therefore, Myanmar condemned them to imprisonment to be served for 7 years.

Journalists Lone and Soe Oo were set free by Myanmar because they were incorporated into presidential decree of amnesty, which promised to release total prisoner of 6,252. With regards to their release, Stephen J. Adler, Reuters Editor in-chief, welcomed the news. However, he didn't forget to denounce Myanmar on the grounds that they exhibited anti-democratic applications like breaching freedom of press and ignoring human rights.

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