Mustafa AY – TDO – 12.01.2018 Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin released an information with regards to drone attack on Russia’s Hemeimeem air base in Syria. According to the information, over 10 drone attacks were avoided through Russian defense missiles and electronic countermeasure gadgets. In the aftermath of the information for public knowledge, Putin explained that Syrian opposition group deployed near Idlib got engaged and arranged the sequence of drone attacks on Russia. In addition to Putin’s explanations, Russian Ministry of Defense made more elaborative explanations concerning the issue. Mood underlined the fact that the drone attacks would be successfully operated if the drone attacks were aided with satellite navigation technology, which Syrian opposition group cannot easily have and enhance such technology on its own. Therefore, Syrian opposition FSA ought to be aided by a foreign power, which was a factor to reinforce the allegations like Turkey’s engagement in the attack by supporting FSA with the aerial equipment.

Following the statement of Putin and Russian Ministry of Defense, the allegations concerning whether Turkey provided all the stuff for drones to Syrian opposition FSA emerged necessarily, since Turkey has been the only fraction endorsing FSA in Syrian conflict. However, Turkey did not take the unfounded allegations serious as Turkish govt. pinpointed its genuineness of partnership with Russia in Syrian conflict by uttering “we are allies to settle the confrontation in Syria, so we have no need for additional confrontations, while we are seeking for the ways of resolving the ongoing burdensome conflict. Therefore, it is meaningless for the emergence of allegations targeting Turkey whose energy dedicated to solve Syrian conflict is apparent”.

In the aftermath of the reciprocal statements, President Putin put a dot on all the speculative and provocative news on social media by this statement “there were provocateurs in the field, but they are not Turks for sure. We know who took part in this serial drone attacks. These provocateurs tried to incite Russia with the unfounded and invalid allegations like ‘Turkey’s engagement in the attack’, which was directly aimed at undermining favorable relations among Turkey and Russia. That’s what the provocateurs expected to emerge. But, I’m repeating that we are aware of what’s happening in the region. Thus, we will not allow the attacks and provocateur’s purposes, which focus on destroying Russia’s relations with regional allies”. So, Putin showed a genuine solidarity as Turkey showed its own. In the midst of statements from Turkey and Russia, Russian Ministry of Defense released a data referring to that while the attacks were being executed, an American surveillance plane in Mediterranean Sea was flying near the two Russian bases in Syria, which is a weird coincidence for Russia. So, inferring from Ministry’s statement, the allegations like “USA would get engaged in the drone attacks since US surveillance and intelligence plane is capable of intermediate-channeling between the drones and satellite” may validly appear as an ‘allegation’.


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