Mustafa AY – TDO – 26.09.2017 IKRG, today, went to the referendum polls to vote the independence. The ratio of participation to the referendum is reportedly 78%. While the participants of the referendum accounted for approximately 195.000, the non-participants of the referendum accounted for 55.000 over 250.000 (figure of eligible constituents). Independence referendum was administered in Kerkük, Erbil, Süleymaniye, Duhok, Hanekin, Akre, Gulala, Zaho, Karatepe, Cebare, Soran, Mahmur and Ahmediye. In the referendum, the least yes-vote was recorded in Karatepe with 62%, while the most yes-vote was recorded in Akre and Zaho with 94%. As a result of initial official statements, referendum result concluded with 95.93% ‘yes’ against 4.07% ‘no’.

In September 23, Osman Ganimi -Chief of Staff of Iraqi Armed Forces- met with his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar in Ankara. The meeting’s main subject was the annoying referendum of IKRG. Both countries’ officials proclaimed the decision on embarking on a joint military drill by Iraq-Turkey border. For a possible cross-border large-scale military operation, TAF has already deployed over 100 armored forces units –M60 Sabra tanks and a lot of APC’s- on Habur Border Gate. The joint military drill comprising of Iraqi Armored Forces’ units and immense amount of armored vehicles of TAF on the border is considered to be the first step for coalition, which would be set up against IKRG.        

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