Following clearance of the refugees, Idomeni refugee camp near the frontier between Hungary and Greece is officially closed.The Clearancestarted earlier yesterday by Greek Police is finalized today with the participation of more than hundred constables supported with helicopters. More than 8 hundred refugees are transferred from the Idomeni camp to other camps found in the northern territories of the Greece by buses. Railway line linking Greece and Macedonia, which has been blocked for months by refugees is now opened with the termination of operation to evacuate Idomeni camp. One of the indicated reasons why Idomeni camp is evacuated is the railway closed to traffic and blocked for passage of freight trains. Nikos Toskas, Alternate Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, declared that the camp is officially closed. “New camps will ensure better life standards for refugees and opportunity to continue their journey to other European countries” he said by stating that any violent act were not commit during evacuation and most of the refugees choose voluntarily to leave the camp.Even though Greek officials had stated that the clearance could last more than a week, predicted duration shorten as most of the refugee accept of their own will to leave the camp and few refugees that reject leaving the camp settled other camps near Idomeni camp by going on foot and through their own means.Volunteers in Idomeni camps asserted that refugees placed other camps for long-term periods and it is not clear how long refugees have to stay in small tents by advocating the clearance of the camp is not a solution for the refugee crisis. After the closing of Balkan route for refugees in March, more than 50 hundred refugees had been stuck in Greece. Özcan Ali Osman

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