After Brexit, it is still being discussed when UK is going to initiate the process to leave the EU.
Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs for EU Michael Roth claimed that it would not be realistic for UK to start the procedure to leave before 2016; rather, 2017 as the latest time to start the process.
Roth added that the ongoing political procedure is enough to keep UK uncertain; that it is important for both UK and EU to set their courses.
Some British MPs that are afraid of the fact that the leaving procedure may take longer are urging PM Theresa May to hurry.
UK Is Economically Affected As Well
It is also remarkable that UK is going to be affected not only politically, but economically as well.
The 15% loss GBP is pushing foreign firms in the country to increase their prices.
British banks that operate in many different countries are being harmed too due to the fall in the currency market.
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