News Centre – TDO – Hungary’s Ambassador to Turkey Gabor Kiss and his spouse Dora Kiss have hosted a reception at the Ankara JW Marriott Hotel to mark the 62nd anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the War of Independence.

The reception was attended by Deputy Minister for Trade Gonca Yılmaz Batur, as well as many representatives of foreign missions in Ankara, diplomats and journalists.

The ceremony began after Ambassador Kiss and his spouse greeted guests at the entrance and the singing of the national anthems of Hungary and Turkey.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Kiss said that Hungarians, just like Turks, had experienced tumultuous and stormy periods throughout their history and had expanded great proud and courageous efforts to win their freedom and independence.

Kiss said that in 1956, Hungarians had risen up against depravation and dictatorship, and although the revolution had been tragically defeated, it had borne fruit, adding “Today we live feely and we have many good reasons to celebrate its success.”

Ambassador Kiss emphasised that at present the need to protect their freedom and national identity continued and stated “Respecting our own values means respecting friends with self-confidence and strengthening our ties with other nations.”   

Ambassador Kiss said that developing bilateral ties as ambassador was his foremost and most pleasing duty and that both sides had the necessary political will to this end.

Touching on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Hungary in early October, Ambassador Kiss said that as a result of the visit, they intended to raise the level of relations in the economy, trade, culture and education to higher levels.

Deputy Minister for Trade Gonca Yılmaz Batur said in her speech that Turks and Hungarians had very well-rooted ties.

Stating that they saw Hungary as one of their most valuable partners in Europe, Batur said “We intend to further develop economic and trade relations with Hungary, with which we already have very good historical and cultural ties.”

Batur said that they intended to increase the volume of trade between the two countries to USD 6 billion as of the end of next year.

Following the speeches, a celebratory cake was cut and guests were served refreshments ac

companied by Hungarian music.  

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