İlknur Şebnem Öztemel- TDO – Government’s chief spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs, said Hungarian government would adopt a new strategy that foresee asylum-seekers to be kept in  “shelters” for the whole period of their application, though they would be free to go back to their own country whenever they want.

He said “No migrants – not even those who have already issued their request for asylum – will be able move freely until there is a primary legal decision whether they are entitled for political asylum, refugee status or anything else, so they are not entitled to move freely in the country”.

He added “If we maintain the existing regime, we are not able to control what is happening at the borders or within Europe”.

Additionally,Kovacs argued that everybody who comes to the EU as a migrantwas basically camethere illegally.

Besides,   Kovacs asserted that Donald Trump’s election victory in the US was a contribution to “a change of mood in Europe” and EU summit in Malta was a turning point on that.

Condition of the existing refugee camps in the country has already been target of criticisms by human rights groups such as the Amnesty International.  Also some others expostulated the new idea and described camps as “detention centers”.


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