İrem UZUN -TDO- The European Court of Justice has ruled that Hungary's restrictive asylum-seeker policies violated EU law. The court said the 2015 migration crisis did not justify the country's decision to override EU rules.

EU judges in May ruled that Hungary can’t hold asylum seekers indefinitely in a transit area on the county’s border with Serbia, adding that applicants should also have the right to a judicial review. The European Commission sued Hungary in December 2018 over the policy in the latest case, arguing it violates guarantees provided to asylum seekers in EU law.  Following the court’s decision in May, Hungary closed the contested transit zones and end a practice where people were held in metal containers, and in some cases without food. Still, the government further tightened its rules for people seeking asylum in the future.

The court flagged that adequate support must also be given to applicants identified as vulnerable, and that minors may only be detained as a last resort and found that Budapest flouted an EU directive over the return of illegal migrants. 

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said in response to the ruling that it is "devoid of purpose, as the circumstances at issue in the present proceedings no longer exist. Transit zones have been closed but strict border control is maintained."  "We will continue to protect the borders of Hungary and Europe and will do everything we can to prevent the formation of international migrant corridors," she added in a Facebook post. 

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