News Center -TDO- When Gabor Kiss, the ambassador of Hungary in Ankara, hosted the event, the event entitled "Hungarian Winter Wonderland" was held at the embassy residence.

Speaking at the event, Kiss stated that the embassy residence is an old and beautiful building and said, "This is nice when we invite friends we like, but it functions and revives." used expressions.

Kiss said that the event will organize a fashion show that introduces traditional and modern Hungarian clothes, "We want to be a part of our common historical roots." said.

"This is a stylish Hungarian outfit, especially worn in official programs, and Hungarian horsemen wear this jacket, but in fact this jacket is nothing more than an abbreviated version of the Ottoman caftan," said Kiss, wearing a jacket that belongs to the Ottoman period and is called a "dolman" "he said.

Regarding the common history between the two countries, Kiss said, "We see traces of not only an area but many areas because of our joint experience in history." she said.

Kiss said he would give a small concert by the Budapest theater artist and soloist Monika Safar and the composer and cello artist Kalmus Felician will also present a musical concert, sharing the knowledge that the Hungarian dress designer Katalin Hampel's collection will be introduced.

Hungarian dressmaker Hampel's collection of clothing was introduced to the fashion show, guests were offered Hungarian local cuisine prepared by famous Hungarian cooks.

The event, which was attended by many invitations, ended with a music concert given by Hungarian composer and cello artist Felician.

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