Gökhan ŞEKEROĞLU – TDO – 15.02.2018 Cambodia’s ruling party has made a 5 year plan that will further damage the already failing political freedom and democracy of Cambodia. Critics say that the Prime Minister Hun Sen will strenghten his grip on his country.

According to the Phnom Penh Post, the party plans to crack down on opposing forces to save the prosperity of the nation by strenghtening their capacity of surveillance and control technology to lower the chances of their society facing a threat. 

It is believed that China has supplied them advanced technology to monitor the internet and phone calls.

Last year the state cracked down on the opposing party ‘’The National Cambodian Rescue Party’’ (CNRP), non-government-organisations, human rights and labour activists, and independent media outlets. This caused CNRP to be dismissed while its leaders have been jailed or are hiding from the officials.

The party aims to prevent any form of information that could hurt the nation, society, and culture of Cambodia.

Hun Sen states that there is a US-backed conspiracy against his regime to explain his actions and further released books that claim countries such as the United States trying to cause an ‘’immeasurable catastrophe’’ in their nation. He believes the recently ended civil war in 1997 could reoccur at any moment.

Many foreigners have been denied a visa due to this, and some foreign businesses have shut down.

Analysts think his actions and statements are made to prevent any opposing ideologies so that he can continue his rule without intervention.

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