Selin ATAY-TDO-Huawei launched its newest Mate 30 smart phones this Thursday, with the company's Executive Director Mr. Richard Yu presenting the new devices in Munich, Germany.

The launch of Huawei’s latest smart phone, the Mate 30, has been hampered by the ongoing trade war between China and the US, which has resulted in Google pulling its apps and services from the company’s new devices.

It lacks popular Google’s apps, such as Gmail and Chrome, YouTube and the associated Google Play Services, which increasingly form the backend of all Android apps developed for audiences.

As the US sanctions introduced earlier this year bar American tech giants from cooperating with Chinese companies. The ban came as the US accused Huawei of collaborating with the Chinese military and intelligence services, as well as using its equipment for illegal surveillance purposes - claims that both the Chinese authorities and the company have rejected.

That is because Huawei is still on Donald Trump’s blacklist, which prevents US companies doing business with it including issuing licenses to use software, as Google does for its apps and services. Thus, it became almost impossible for Huawei to use Google services.

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