Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to allegations that the United States would attend next week's meeting in Vienna, capital of Austria, in an attempt to get the United States to return to the nuclear deal, saying that "Iran will not have a meeting with the United States."

After a video conference meeting of senior officials from the European Union (EU), China, France, Germany, Russia, and Britain with Iran to discuss the U.S. return to the nuclear deal, Zarif made the remarks via his Twitter account.

Zarif said the main purpose of the meeting was to quickly lift all U.S. sanctions and for Iran to take steps to renegotiate its commitments in the nuclear deal.

The two sides agreed to hold a face-to-face meeting in Vienna on April 6, Zarif said, citing allegations that the United States would attend. It's unnecessary," he said.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement, "We have agreed to participate in the talks with our European, Russian and Chinese partners to address the issues of a joint return to the terms of the nuclear deal with Iran. Talks will begin in Vienna on April 6th."

Price said they do not expect any immediate concrete results from the talks and that there will be difficult negotiations said, "We do not expect direct talks between the United States and Iran at this time, but the United States is open to this (direct discussion). But we believe this is a healthy step forward."

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