Mustafa AY – TDO – 18.08.2017 On Wednesday, Alex Chow, Nathan Law and Joshua Wong, who are the pioneers of Occupation Movement in Hong Kong, were convicted of imprisonment for 6-8 months each. In accordance of bill of indictment of Hong Kong Justice Department, they incited people in surrounding of Hong Kong to take part in the protests. In the accusation, the prosecutor also implied that those 3 attempted to ‘undermine Chinese Communist regime’ by invigorating the opposition to march against governmental forces, but not added into the bill of indictment exactly, which may possibly lead these 3 defendants to have happiness. In case of voicing this accusation in the lawsuit, the prosecutor may have finalized the case with the execution or life sentence by the justification of ‘treason’.

Death of Liu Xiaobo, who was rewarded with Nobel Peace Prize, attracted the attention of Human Rights on Chinese govt. The core motive Human Rights turned its attention into this death is that Liu Xiaobo died in custody of Communist regime’s forces. So, Human Rights doubted about malicious intention in the death of Liu Xiaobo by Chinese govt. that accordingly, put pressure on Beijing in the forthcoming cases like Liu Xiaobo. That’s why, Liu Xiaobo’s death may have positively reflected the bill of indictment like mitigating the court sentence to 6-8 months by excluding ‘treason’ and other heavy criminal charges from the bill. Besides, Chinese govt. may have consciously mitigated the charges so that they could focus on South China Sea and North Korea hot-tensions and the regime’s deviated attention to those hot-topics would be avoided. Beijing most probably exhibited utmost care to this case with the reason of their fully dedicated energy to its regional concerns and ambitions. Therefore, Hong Kong Justice Department should have considered these concerns of the state. That’s why, these 3 protesters encountered a sentence of 6-8 jail as they did not expect from the court. 

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