The 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council election hold on 4 September 2016 for the 6th Legislative Council of Hong Kong (LegCo). Election plays an important role for the city, since it will be the first major election since 2014 pro-democracy street protests.A new generation of pro-democracy activists have won seats on the council.The Council has founded in 1843 as an advisory body to Hong Kong' colonial British governor, and today it functions as the city' parliament. It got its first Chinese member in 1884 and has been fully elected since 1995. Hong Kong’s Legislative Council consists of a total of 70 members, 35 from geographical constituencies (GCs) chosen by popular vote, 35 from functional constituencies (FCs) chosen by special interest groups, 5 from super seat elected from a shortlist of district councilors. In this sense, at the election made for the 35 seats of the council, Nathan Law (23) a key figure in the 2014 pro-democracy movement, won a seat on the Legislative Council. In addition to Law, Yau Wai-ching, 25, was declared a winner on Monday. In 2014, the protests began after the Standing Committee of the National People' Congress (NPCSC) came to a decision regarding proposed reforms to change the Hong Kong electoral system. Therefore proposal has received great response and thousands of young people began protesting the NPCSC' decision and demanded electoral freedom.New political parties, Demosisto and Youngspiration, have been launched by student activists after protests.Nathan Law became the youngest member of the council through winning 50,000 votes. Yau Wai- ching from Youngspiration party, on the other hand, won 20,643 votes and became one of the youngest members of the council.In an interview with the Guardian newspaper after the elections, the newly formed Demosisto Party leader Nathan Law described the situation as a miracle and said that they have worked day and night to win.It seems that election of the sixth Hong Kong Legislative Council on Sunday is not merely a new term of the legislation, it is the beginning of a new era forthe relationships between China and Hong Kong.Nuran YILDIRIM

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