French president Francois Hollande said, US trade embargo on Cuba should be lifted definitively, following the death of former Cuban president Fidel Castro. He acknowledged that “France always sees Cuba as a partner,” and “has always challenged the embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba.” Hollande is the first European leader who visited Havana in last year,since Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez came in 1986. France has long opposed the U.S. embargo but what Hollande really thinks is increasing volume of French businesses in Cuba. In his visit, representatives of French companies including Soufflet, CMA CMG, Air France, telecom operator Orange, hotelier Accor and distiller Pernod Ricard accompaniedto him. Moreover, previously French oil company Total and Cuban state oil monopoly Cuba Petroleum (Cupet) signed an agreement.The embargo was introduced in the 1960s as punishment for communist Cuba’s support for the Soviet Union, includes even the basic needs as toilet paper.


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