Selin ATAY-TDO- Many countries adopted the quarantine method to combat the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) that affected the entire world, while Sweden decided to implement a strategy of "herd immunity" and took milder measures than other countries.

The Corona Commission, set up six months ago to study the Swedish government's Kovid-19 strategy, released its first report assessing the "herd immunity" method. The report, which examined the effectiveness of its method against the spread of coronavirus, explained that the herd immunity strategy failed in the country, where light measures were taken to combat Kovid-19.

The report by the corona Commission highlighted Sweden's lack of preparedness and equipment for infections and structural deficiencies in the health sector. The report highlighted the failure to protect the elderly, in particular, in the outbreak. "Most of those working in nursing homes have been left alone in the fight against the virus crisis," the commission said. Late measures were taken in nursing homes, the elderly could not be protected," he said.

In herd immunity, the goal is to allow a large number of people to catch the disease, thereby ensuring that society develops immunity to the disease. Although the virus will spread to society in a short period of time in this way, it is believed that the spread will also stop naturally, since the majority of society will also become immune. In Sweden, schools, kindergartens, kindergartens, restaurants, cafeterias, hairdressers, public transport are kept open and the herd immunity method is applied. Wearing a mask is not mandatory in the country.

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