İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-04.07.2017- Famous scientist Stephen Hawking criticized US President Donald Trump as his administration withdrew from Paris Climate Accord and said World can become the next Venus which is a greenhouse planet.

Hawking told to BBC as Trump’s decision to retrieve his sign from the treaty would cause irreversible results for the future of our planet. He stated ‘’This step can put the Earth into a greenhouse planet like Venus’’.

He highlighted the extreme conditions on Venus and said ‘’ We are close to the point that the Climate Change become irrevocable. Trump’s recent activities can put World into a difficult position like Venus in which the average degree is 250 centigrade and it’s raining sulphuric acid.  Climate Change is the biggest problem that we ever faced and if we start working today we can revolve it. Trump will harm our planet and threaten the future of our children by withdrawing from the Paris Treaty’’.

Besides, he asserted that our days in the World is limited adding he is concerned that  evolution includes greed for more, it improved the genes of aggression in human beings and repeated his advice to establish colonies in space ‘’could be a good way’’ for the sustainability of human race.

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