France’s Hasema Ban started to expand in EuropeA while ago, municipalities of Cannes, Villeneuve-Loubet and Corsica Island banned to wear hasema in beaches. Afterall , Leucate,Ove-Plage and Le-Touquet muncipalities also followed this new prohibiton. Police guards are in charge in order to control the maintainance of this prohibition. Also, swimming with hasema penaltisized with 38 euro.Symbol of Extremism David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes stated that “ Hasema is a kind of uniform of radical Islamists “ while explaining the need of hasema ban. Another aim in this law is to prevent terror attacks which were majorly active in France. Hasema which being a type of swimsuit that covers the whole body and that causes society and authority to feel threatened.Reaction by Fighting with Islamophobia Association(CCIF) CCIF objected to the decision but this contestant is denied by the court. Court justified the ban by stating “ under the state of emergency conditions causes danger.Beste Naz Gülen

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