İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-10.08.2017- According to Sputnik, Iraqi Shia militia units, known as the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) or Hashd al-Shaabi, have completed their last preparations for an offensive to liberate Tal Afar, a strategically important town 60 kilometers to the west of Mosul, from Deash.

Ali Hasim Huseyni, one of the Hashd al-Shaabi unit commanders, told Sputnik Turkey as "The Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi units have completed their last preparations for the operation. We are waiting for the command of Iraq's Commander-in–Chief Haider al-Abadi to launch the offensive. Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga Forces won't take part in the operation. Iraq's government army will provide aerial support for the operation".

He added rescue of Tal Afar would be a significant victory against terrorism.

Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF), commonly known as the Golden Division which served in Mosul offensive, will take part in this operation too. Kurdish militia forces that were used in Mosul operation, will not join to operation liberating Tal Afar.

Tal Afar has been under Daesh control since mid-2014. Thousands of terrorists, majorly natives of Iraq, control the city. Also, it is asserted that   the city is home to about 750,000 people.  It is a highly strategic point as it is 63 km west of Mosul, 52 km east of Sinjar and close to Syrian border.

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