Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Belit Onay, who won first place in the elections in Hanover, the capital of Germany's Lower Saxony, became the city's new mayor. Belit Onay had also won the first round of Elections, which he entered on October 27 as a candidate of the Green Party.

After the polls closed at 18 a.m. local time, the vote count was switched, and about an hour later it was announced that Belit Onay had won the election. Belit Onay, who met with the party members, said he was grateful for the support given to him.

The Greens candidate Belit Onay finished the race ahead of Eckhard Scholz, who ran in the election on behalf of the Christian Democrats.

Belit Onay, answering questions from members of the press during the voting process, said they had adopted a management approach that would solve social problems in Hanover. He said he thought they had found appropriate solutions to social problems such as Onay, rent, housing, and that such a success was eminently important at a time when the AfD was on the rise. Belit Onay also said Hanover was a multicultural city, adding that the Greens ' policies towards environmental and social issues had received positive responses in recent years.

In Germany, small municipalities already have mayors of Turkish origin, stated Onay and added that the first time such a large region will be led by a Green candidate.

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