By Adel Tayari-TDO- The countries of the blockade are abandoning their demand for Qatar to abide by its full list of demands

The countries of the blockade have abandoned their demand for full commitment to meet the list of 13 demands they have imposed on Qatar in exchange for ending the boycott.  Saudi diplomats, Emiratis, Bahrainis and Egyptians told UN journalists that their countries now wanted Qatar to abide by six general principles. They also said their countries want to resolve the crisis amicably.

These principles include the commitment to combat terrorism and extremism and to end incitement.  To date, there has been no comment on Qatar, which denies supporting terrorists. Qatar has refused to comply with all the demands of the embargo states which it described as threatening its sovereignty and violating international law.

Saudi Arabia's permanent envoy to the United Nations, Abdullah al-Maalami, said the foreign ministers of the four countries had agreed on six principles on July 5 in Cairo and that "it would be easy for Qatar to abide by."  He also added "There is no room for compromise" on the principles, but the two sides will agree on how to implement them.

“The New York Times” said the six principles included combating terrorism and extremism and cutting off funding for terrorist groups.

The list of conditions set by the blockade states for Qatar on June 22 included the closure of Al Jazeera News Network, Closing the Turkish base, severing relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, and reducing relations with Iran.

Abdallah al-Maalami said the closure of Al-Jazeera may not be necessary, but what is needed is to stop incitement to violence and promote hate speech. And in a statement to Abdullah al-Maalami told the Associated Press said

"If this can only be achieved with the closure of Al-Jazeera, it is fine, and if this is done without closing the Al-Jazeera channel, it is also it is ok". On the other hand, Lana Nusseibeh the United Nations representative at the United Nations, said "Qatar's refusal to accept basic principles to define the concept of terrorism and extremism will make it difficult for it to remain in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ". 

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