News Center-TDO- Guatemalan artist Fernando Valdiviezo's painting exhibition, which depicts the figures on Turkish Lira banknotes to integrate the original banknote into the work, opened in Ankara Atakule. The exhibition was hosted by Guatemala's Ambassador to Turkey, Jairo David Estrada Barrios, as part of the 200th anniversary of Guatemala's independence and the 147th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Ambassadors of South Korea, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Peru, and Panama attended the exhibition.

In his speech at the exhibition's opening, Ambassador Barrios stated that in the exhibition, the Guatemalan artist depicted each person on the Turkish Lira banknotes in 7 drawings, with the technique of integrating the original banknote into the work.

Ambassador Barrios said that this exhibition, which tries to describe today's Turkey in this way best, is called "Living Symbology".

The works will be gifted to the Republic of Turkey

Ambassador Barrios said, "You may be wondering why we chose works designed in Turkish Lira. I should point out that the Guatemalan government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supports 'Cultural Diplomacy', a phrase that allows for strengthening relations between Guatemala and Turkey. Another example of our commitment to continue to strengthen our diplomatic relations". "Also, the Republic of Guatemala will gladly present the 'Living Symbology' series to the Republic of Turkey, so that this series can be exhibited wherever it is deemed appropriate," he said.

He stated that the artist was deemed worthy of various awards and has held more than 25 solo exhibitions in different parts of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Netherlands and France, and Guatemala.

The exhibition at Atakule Botanical Floor can be visited until 12 September.

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