News Center -TDO- The tree planting ceremony, which was held in memory of 148 years of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Guatemala and the Republic of Turkey, was held in Ankara Youth Park.

The ceremony was attended by Guatemalan Ambassador Jairo Estrada, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director General for Cultural Affairs Emriye Bağdagül Ormancı, Costa Rican Ambassador, El Salvador Embassy Undersecretary and Ankara Metropolitan officials.

Delivering the opening speech, Ambassador Estrada said: “Approximately 2 years ago, both countries defined the date on which we began our diplomatic relations, being July 18, 1874, when my country appointed Mr. Guillermo Kelly as Minister Plenipotentiary to the Ottoman Empire, with the aim of signing the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation. In 2015, Türkiye inaugurated its Embassy in Guatemala and my country did so in April 2017, evidencing the interest that exists and that is being strengthened to improve in all fields of this prosperous relationship; last year on the same date, a Guatemalan artist drew all the personalities that appear on Turkish Banknotes, with wonderful creativity, the 7 drawings were donated by my country to Türkiye; this year, we decided to plant this tree, called Çınar, very important since the Ottoman Empire, because it represents "greatness, permanence, superiority and sovereignty". I have had the honor of representing my country as Ambassador in Türkiye for two and a half years, and together with my team, we have developed many projects in which we have always received the support of Türkiye, but planting a tree is planting life, and that is precisely what we want, abundant life for our countries and relationships. Finally, thanks again to the MFA of Türkiye and the Municipality of Ankara for the support received for this ceremony.”

Tree planting took place after the speeches.

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