Mustafa AY – TDO – 19.07.2017 Since on 5 June, Qatar has been exposed to the ongoing embargo enforced by Saudi-lead Gulf Coalition. After cutting the diplomatic relationships with Qatar off, that Saudi-led coalition imposed the economic sanctions on Qatar shows that the future of the region may come to an irreversible point. In Arabian Peninsula where crisis among those opposite parties is exacerbating, both political and economic stability is being shaken for sure. Because Doha administration rejected all demands that Riyad repeatedly tried to dictate on, which leads the ongoing crisis between those parties to deepen.

Qatar crisis was fueled following visit of Trump to Saudi Arabia, and his tweets implying Qatari government’s fund to terrorism. Before the advent of crisis, Trump administration gradually laid the foundation of the crisis, as Jared Kushner, Trump’s groom and top-advisor, made frequent visits to Tel Aviv on the pretext of promotion of diplomatic affairs. In the aftermath of those visits, Qatar crisis became conclusive. On the grounds that, the agenda of the diplomatic meetings in Tel Aviv high likely encompassed the discussion about the conference ‘New Manifesto’. Khaled Mashal is seen as an important figure because of his leadership in Hamas. Particularly, Israel deems Khaled Mashal as a terrorist who guides Izzeddin el-Kassam Brigade’s missile assails on Capital Tel Aviv from Gaza Strip. As well as missile attacks, the armed side of Hamas organizes attacks on Israeli troops which cause Israel to have many casualties. Despites Mashal’s recognition as a terrorist by Israeli government,

After Saudi officials announced the sanctions over Qatar, Israeli government saw this conflict as an opportunity to negotiate with coalition countries. Even if many of coalition members rejected the offer, Egyptian leader Abdulfettah el-Sisi allegedly acknowledged the offer by meeting with Netanyahu in Cairo, on 12 June. If those claims come to true, then Egypt will most probably serve as a bridge between remaining coalition members and Israel so that those Arab countries recognizes Israel as ‘Jewish state’. In case of this diplomatic step, IDF’s occupation of Palestine will be legitimized by all Arap countries which allied to Palestine. Besides, IDF’s bombings on Gaza will be regarded as self-defense that costs many Palestinian lives. If this news about Egypt-Israel meeting comes to true, then Israeli intelligence ‘Mossad’ may have provided support for UAE to make cyber-attacks well-done.  The rationale behind this possibility is that Israel took initiative on forming diplomatic ties with UAE in 2015. If Israel’s initiative resulted in success, that Israel dare to offer compromise with Coalition countries is very normal. Therefore, UAE may have been endorsed by the technical support by Mossad which specialized in Cyber-attacks.

Following cyber-attacks, Qatar Information Office stated that “UAE executed cyber-attacks on us. As a result of the attacks, many of state institutions website were hacked. Washington Post’s news on this matter is corroborative to our doubts.”. This statement which is equivalent to accusing Saudi-led coalition of plotting the conspiracy for submitting Qatar to their wills/demands. That’s why, Doha is concerned owing to possible leak to Qatari media. It is a right reaction, on the grounds that UAE may release news which is distorted to the detriment of Qatar’s national interest. If the accusations are true, the government shows its inability to prevent state agencies from cyber-attacks. Otherwise, that Qatar fails to prevent such annoying situation may likely result in seizure of control of state agencies by the enemies which means that Qatar might confront with irreparable implications.

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