Greece had witnessed the struggle of New Democracy Party and SYRIZA during the last general elections in October 2015. Almost all polls prior to the elections had demonstrated NDP as the ruling party, but SYRIZA, led by Alexis Tsipras, had succeeded to have the power as a result of the election.In recent days, one after another, repeated surveys, are showing that Greece is preparing for a new election.According to the survey, NDP is the closest party to power with 25% supports from the people. However, SYRIZA' vote share has declined up to 19%. All of the different survey results indicate NDP as the partner in power after an election to be made. Despite all these signs, Alexis Tsipras has not lost any of the supports received from the public. According to the survey, there is over 80 percent of the public support for Tsipras. According to a survey by research company Alcon, Tsipras is supported at the level of 75% in September.Despite the public support, the steps taken by Tsipras in order to recover Greece from the difficult situation are not enough especially for Germany within the EU. Germany has radically criticized Greece in terms of its debt balance since the day Tsipras came to power.
Considering these aspects, it is doubtful whether public opinion research companies reflect the concerns and assessment of the Greek people or not.
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