Robert Harneis- TDO- (FRANCE)- Greece has signed an agreement with its neighbor agreeing that it should call itself the Republic of North Macedonia. For nearly 30 years Greece has blocked the use of the name Macedonia because of its own province Macedonia and fears of future territorial claims.

The agreement paves the way for North Macedonia to join NATO and the European Union. It is another piece in the jigsaw of the US and EU ‘colonization’ of the former Yugoslavia.

The deal was unpopular in some circles both sides of the border. Police fired tear gas at protesters in Greece and Macedonia over the weekend. Fourteen people, including seven policemen, were hurt in scuffles in Pisoderi, in northern Greece, on Sunday 17 June, where 3,000 people came out to denounce the accord.

Meanwhile Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is ready to block the process by refusing to sign up to any EU documents which include Turkey as a potential candidate with Macedonia and other western Balkans countries such as Serbia and Montenegro.

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