Unless the Labour Party Leader Pedro Sanchez can form a cabinet by March 3rd, Spain will hold early elections in mid-2016.
The general elections in Spain which were held on December 20th 2015 had resulted in some of the most unusual results in the country’s democratic past. Despite Prime Minister Mario Rajoy’s People’s Party (Partido Popular) emerging on top, the party had received the lowest share of the vote it had since 1989. As with the People’s Party, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol) was also facing the first election results of the democratic era. New parties Podemos and Ciudadanos had managed to break the political customs of Spain by entering parliament, despite not ranking first or second. The success of these parties was perhaps due to the reaction of a new generation of voters against the traditional parties. By İrem GÖLYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of March

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