Golden Dawn Party that endangers Greek democracy by its racist positions towards immigrants and minorities in Greece, are bow discontented with mass circumcision feasts in Western Thrace. Discontent expressed as motion of censure by Piraeus member of the parliament Ionnis Lagos to Foreign Affairs Ministry and Domestic Affairs Ministry.Ioannis Lagos, PM of racist Golden Dawn party, asserted that mass circumcision feasts are trying to alienate minorities from Greece by tabling a motion of censure regarding the mass circumcision feasts which for the first time organized in the Arriana, Rhodope and later in Didymoteicho, Evros. Lagos argues that mass feasts are "imported from abroad" and underlying the cultural differences of the community.
In addition, he claimed that these kinds of activities tries to "create a different culture" and are encouraged by the Turkish Consulate General. He also added that Turkish authorities and "false muftis" are participating in these festivals. He stated that activities are aiming to plant Turkish traditions into the region and the main source of these activities is unknown. "These imported activities aiming to isolate and divide Greek Muslims from Greek society with separatist messages.” mentioned Lagos in his motion of censure. In his motion of censure, Lagos pose questions such as why government do not intervene and legitimize these religious activities disrupting Greek consciousness and why Greek authorities are not present in these feasts, for Foreign Affairs and Domestic Affairs Ministries Additionally, he ask that how many activities that encourages the peaceful lifestyle between Christians and Muslims are organized by the Greek government.Özcan Ali Osman

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