İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- States and evenleaders have different initiatives and ambitions like gaining additional territory, themilitary power of money.  Before the industrial Revolution territory was meaning money. However, it has changed many things including mentality of man. Today, even not machinery but information means money. Territory lost its value. Nevertheless, there are history, experience, traditional symbols and mental links on it and it is not easy to give any part of it to another state, even in this century.

According to a recent report, one in three Brits would cede some sovereignty over contested Gibraltar to Spain in return for a better exit deal with the European Union. An opinion poll made by The YouGov found that 3,623 Brits sampled were divided almost evenly on whether they would support passing at least some sovereignty over the territory to Spain if this were the only thing in the way of a much better Brexit deal. 33 percent of Brits agree to give Gibraltar to Spain in return for a better deal while 37 percent disagreed.

Recently, aformer Miss World, Kaiane Lopez, 30, has become Gibraltar's youngest-ever mayor, and immediately declared the territory "will always be British". She said ‘’ I am proud to be British. "Gibraltar is British and always will be. Why would we ever want to change our flag?”

Last week Brussels requested Spain could be granted a veto right over Britain’s departure terms, if Gibraltar, UK’s overseas territory on the southern tip of Spain, governed under Spanish authority.

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