İrem UZUN -TDO- Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered his security forces to strike against the Taliban. Ghani authorized the Afghan forces to switch from “active defensive” mode to “offensive” mode in a public address on Tuesday night. In light of recent attacks in different parts of the country that killed dozens of civilians and security force members Ghani said the Taliban have ignored repeated calls for reduced violence and ceasefire, in a televised message.

In the mentioned event, gunmen attacked a hospital that houses a maternity clinic in Kabul on Tuesday, killing at least 16 people including two newborn babies, and a suicide bomber killed at least 24 others at a funeral on a morning of double tragedy for Afghanistan. The attack targeting the most vulnerable of civilians, including new-born babies and exhausted new mothers, caused a wave of horror and revulsion. These newborns, among the first voices they heard, on the first day of their lives, was the sound of gunfire … and among their first experiences, being targeted in a war they and their mothers had no part in,” Shaharzad Akbar, the chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights commission, tweeted. “Will their lives, like ours, continue to be shaped by war?

"Today, we witnessed terrorist attacks by the Taliban and Daesh groups on a hospital in Kabul and a funeral in Nangarhar, as well as other attacks in the country," Ghani said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS. The Taliban, which signed a peace deal with the U.S. in February, denied its involvement in the attacks. Asked about the attacks in Afghanistan on Tuesday, U.S. national security adviser Robert O'Brien said that "it's now time for the Afghan people to get together, to enter into a meaningful peace process, and it's time for America to come home. We've got a lot to focus on here."

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