Mustafa AY – TDO – 17.08.2018 German Ministry of Defense announced their plan to process German army through modernization, especially in the realm of air defense. German officials have recently turned their eyes on competent firms, which excelled in air defense owing to accumulation of knowledge. According to ministry’s utterances, German officials asked US Lockheed Martin Co. and European MBDA Co. to reconsider and submit new proposal relating to purchase of new generation air defense system. If Berlin find the proposal of them convenient, German government will sign the arms deal with both in 2019.

Even if German Ministry of Defense has stood on Medium Extended Air Defense System, which was designed and produced by Lockheed Martin and MBDA jointly, they reportedly found the first proposal expensive enough. In case of a consensus reached over second proposal by those companies, Germany will sign the deal and commenced to deploy the system in some strategic parts of country in 2019. In accordance with German officials, Berlin is planning to make the system thoroughly operational till 2030.

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