Mustafa AY – TDO – 17.07.2018 On Monday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass made important remarks with regards to USA’s foreign policy and newly internalized perspective aganist EU. Minister Maas’s official assertion came after US President Donald Trump’s utterances targeting EU in an interview with CNS News. As known, President Trump articulated that USA has many ‘foes’ in EU. In response to President Trump’s words, German Minister stated “we understood the fact that we can no longer completely rely on Washington. In order to maintain our partnership with USA, we must readjust our diplomatic perspective on USA… The first implication of this change can only be that we need to align ourselves even more closely in Europe.” Namely, Minister Maas underlied ‘priority to interests of Unity’ and more skeptical viewpoint for US-EU relations. Lastly, German FM delayed EU member states a message suggesting that EU must pay utmost attention not to let Unity splinter.

Following Maas’s official statements, EU Commission’s Supreme Representative in charge of Foreign and Security Policies –Federica Mogherini- stressed that EU-USA relations cannot be evaluated by taking only one administration into consideration. In other words, Mogherini implied that Trump administration is ‘temporary’. Furthermore, Mogherini told the reporters that they are dedicated to reinforce diplomatic relations with countries all around the World. They are going to sign a trade deal with Japan as well as host Latin American leaders to strenghten bilateral relations soon, Mogherini added to his remarks. USA incorporporated EU into trade war with China by both levying extra 10-25 percent tariff on aliminum and steel imports and openning another discussion for prospective imposition of extra tariffs on imported cars from EU.

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