İrem GÖL -TDO- Five years after the worst cyber-attack that the German Parliament suffered in 2015, the State Prosecutor ordered the arrest of the Russian agent who is accused of being involved in the attack. The 29 year old accused man is called Dimitri Badin, seems to appear among the FBI’s most wanted fugitives since 2018. He is also accused by the District of Columbia in the US for trying to interfere in the US election which took place in November 2016 with the intention of favouring the republican Donald Trump.

On 30th of April 2015, many members of the Bundestag received an e-mail with the extension of .un as many of the United Nations professional mails are using. By these mails, a malware was downloaded to the computers of these members. In the following weeks the hackers could navigate in the informatics system of the Parliament which was composed of 5.600 computers and 12.000 associated accounts.

After the investigations, the German authorities ensure that they have enough evidence of that Badin was the leader of the operation which invaded the systems of the German Parliament for 20 days. The investigations were conducted together with the FBI and experts from Netherlands. According to the files of FBI, last registered location of Badin was Moscow. The German authorities believe that he is still there.

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