Selin ATAY-TDO- The German government has decided to expel two diplomats who served as intelligence officers at Russia's Embassy in Berlin in connection with the murder of a Georgian citizen.

Germany's Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Vienna Convention was the 9th. under the clause, two employees at Russia's Embassy in Berlin were declared "persona non grata" (unwanted person). The two diplomats, declared "persona non grata," are required to leave Germany within 7 days, according to Spiegel news.

The statement said that this step was taken by Tornike K., who was processed in Berlin on August 23. in light of his murder, he was dismissed on the grounds that the Russian authorities were not cooperating.

Tornike K. He was shot dead on August 23. Murder suspect is Russian citizen Vadim K. he was taken into custody. It was suggested that Tornike K was fighting against Russia in Chechnya.

The Federal Attorney General's Office, on the other hand, is Tornike K., who holds Russian and Georgian citizenship he has launched an investigation into his murder. The federal prosecutor general's office said there were indications that the murder was committed on the orders of the Russian Federation or the institutions of Chechnya affiliated with the Russian Federation.

Russia's Foreign Ministry condemned Germany's move as "unfriendly" and "baseless,” and it is stated that the politicized approach to the investigation is unacceptable, according to Russian news agencies.Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russian news agency Interfax that Russia would examine the case."First we examine what we are being accused of and why this is happening," he said.

Russia has also said that this should not affect the planned talks in Paris next week between Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, where France and Germany are set to act as mediators.

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