İrem GÖL -TDO- According to Guardian thousands of people are expected to gather in cities across Germany at the weekend to protest against the government response to contain the spread of coronavirus. The German Foreign Minister called on people to distance themselves from the growing movement. Among the protestors are those who accuse the government of inventing the virus in order to impose dictatorship-like conditions.

Minister Heiko Mass said: “If radical extremists and anti-Semites use demonstrations in order to stoke hatred and to divide, then everyone should keep a lot more than just 1.5 metre distance from them.” He added: “Those who spread conspiracy theories throughout the world, without a mask, without keeping the minimum distance, without any concern for others, are confusing courage with blind anger, and freedom with pure egotism.”

Last weekend several thousand people gathered at demonstrations in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt and other towns and cities, and some people have pledged to do so again this weekend. Police, wearing protective masks, have sometimes struggled to keep the demonstrators under control, or to ensure participants adhere to the 1.5 metre physical distancing rule.

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