İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-25.09.2017- German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, won general elections  and got her fourth election victory eith a little dificulty as Christian Democrats had their worst  degree since 1949, with 33% of votes. In this sense, public polls made mistake. On the other hand, expectations became real and Far right  representative AFD got 13,5% of votes and had a chance to enter the Parliament.

According to latest results, CDU/CSU got 32,5%, SPD (Social Democrat Party) got 20 %, AFD(Alternative for Germany) got 13,5%, FDP ( Free Democtaric Party) got 10,7%, Leftist Party got 9,2%, the Greens got 8,2% of votes.

What’s Next

In this sense, having a coalition is the only choice for Germany. Nevertheless, there are some problems about this subject. SPD and CSU lost huge amount of votes  about 10%. It seems SPD would not be a part of the next coalition.  Following the release of first results, leader of CSU, Horst Seehofer, said his party would make a new maneuvre to right wing.

It is asserted that the Greens, FDP and CDU would establish a new coalition in spite of major disaggrements between FDP and Greens. It seems no other choice is acceptable as Mnerkel told a coalition without CDU was ‘’ impossible’’. Moreover, Merkel stated that they have another ‘’duty’’ to get back voters that voted for AFD.

Meanwhile, power of far right raised like in other European states.

Significant Lesson from Electors

In the light of statistical datas, number of voters that attended to the elections was increased 4% , from  71% to 75%.  It means, voters really want to say something. Regarding the reports, the main sources of complaints about the last government were refugee and retirement policy.

It is beneficial to remind that most of the voters mentioned that they gave their votes to AFD  as a warning towards the government. At this point, it would not be wrong to say that CDU and CSU’s moves to play both sides, pretend to be ‘’democrats’’ and challange it by their actions, led an additional power to AFD. If they would be capable enough to be determinent , both fulfill their ideological requirements and reorganize things properly, the result might be better.  By this way, government could not be efficient neither for democrats nor for right wing voters.

Of course CSU/CDU and SPD were busy with Turkey.

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