Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The poll results of the polls in the elections of Brandenburg and Saxony State Assembly in Germany was published.

Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and coalition partner Social Democratic Party (SPD) lost two votes despite winning two states.

For the extreme right-wing populist Germany, the Alternative Party (AfD) increased its votes considerably and came in second.

The SPD's interim administration had promised its voters that they would seriously consider maintaining the coalition with Merkel. CDU ranks first in the state of Saxony with 32 percent; the party lost 7.4 points compared to the 2014 elections. Extreme right-wing AfD increased its vote by 17.6 percent and was second with 27.3 percent. Since 1990, the CDU has achieved the worst election result.

It is known that most of the members in the SPD, who supported Merkel in 10 years of its 14-year rule, wanted the alliance to end. The two parties are expected to discuss immigration policy, taxes and pensions by the end of the year.

Known for anti-immigration, AfD has recently increased its votes significantly in these two states, opposing plans to close coal mines.

As it is known, Merkel, who lost big votes in the state elections last year, left his post at the CDU, where he had been the leader for 18 years.

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