German police shot dead a knife-wielding Iraqi in a refugee shelter who was attacking a Pakistani he suspected of having sexually abused his young daughter, police said Wednesday.The 29-year-old Iraqi died after being hit by several police bullets late Tuesday in the asylum seekers' shelter in the central Berlin district of Moabit.When police detained the suspect and led him away in handcuffs, the girl' father lunged at him with a knife, yelling ‘you won't survive this,’ according to witnesses.The head of the German Police Union, Bodo Pfalzgraf, said Wednesday that the incident was "tragic" but urged the media not to jump to conclusions about the police officers' actions. ‘The officers had to prevent an act of vigilante justice and a situation that was life-threatening for them,’ Bodo Pfalzgraf added.He reiterated a union demand that police be equipped with electric stun guns, saying ‘police don't want to kill but are forced to if the government doesn't give them other operational means’.News Center

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