The German Foreign Ministry has called on MPs of Turkish descent to not to travel to Turkey for their own safety.11 MPs of Turkish descent, who are members of the SDP, the CDU, the Left Party and the Greens had voted in favour of the bill on the alleged Armenian genocide, to which the Turkish government had reacted strongly. It has been reported that some MPs of Turkish descent in the Bundestag have cancelled previously planned business or personal visits to Turkey upon the strong reaction of the Turkish government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Of the Mps who have heeded the German foreign Ministry’s advice, Aydan Özoğuz of the SPD has said “It is terrifying that we won’t be able to travel to Turkey, even if only for a while.” Regarding reactions to their vote, Özoğuz said that they were not politically connected with Turkey.Cem Özdemir of the Greens, a proponent of the law on alleged Armenian genocide has said that he has received threats. It is reported that Özdemir has cancelled a trip to Turkey due to concerns.CDU MP Cemile Giousouf said that they had foreseen reactions from Turkey to the law and were currently on standby. Mete Ersöz

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