Selin ATAY-TDO- German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas reacted harshly to the likeness of the new coronavirus measures taken in the country by the Merkel administration to "Nazis Germany.”

Heiko Maas criticized protesters who took part in the "anti-mask" action in the city of Hanover. "Likening the Covid-19 rules to the Holocaust massacre means underestimating those days and ridiculing those who worked to fight coronavirus," Maas said in his critique.

During last Saturday's demonstrations in Hanover, security forces intervened with some protesters, and images taken during the demonstration were viewed by at least 1 million people on social media. In the footage in question, a young girl said, "I compare myself to Sophie Scholl, who resisted the Nazis and was executed in 1943," these words of the young girl drew a reaction from state officials.

Foreign minister Maas commented on the young girl's remarks via his Twitter account. "Those who liken themselves to Sophie Scholl or Anne Frank ignore how brave they are. There is no connection between those who protested the coronavirus measures and those who resisted Nazi Germany. This approach means belittling the Holocaust, re-exposing a practice that history has never approved of." the minister said.

Measures taken against coronavirus in Germany include wearing masks, social distance and the closure of some places such as workplaces, restaurants, entertainment venues. These practices are reacting by the public and causing protests. Thousands of people are taking part in protests against the coronavirus measures, and far-right and left-orientated political groups are acting together during the protest.

Last Wednesday, police intervened with pepper spray in "anti-Covid-19" demonstrations in the capital Berlin. During the protest, many demonstrators did not wear masks.

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