Mustafa AY – TDO – 05.02.2018 That Hungarian origin Jewish finance speculator George Soros made criticism targeting Israeli government’s ımmıgration policy lead an inevitable dispute to appear. Following Soros’s criticism, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu naturally lost his temper. Besides Soros’s criticism, in the weekly cabinet meeting, Science Minister Danny Danon’s sentences “within the country, the deteriorating doze of demonstrations against our policy of deportation of immigration were emanating from that the foreign countries and foundations have been funding for it” make Netanyahu’s sadness and fury right reaction since Soros as a Jewish commoner dominating the realm of finance undermines Netanyahu government with his criticism attracting many Israeli and non-Israeli humanitarian foundations and foreign countries to the policy.

Israel launched a domestic policy of deportation of immigrants residing within the borders for Israel. Many Ethiopia and Eritrea origin Jewish citizens were exposed to the obligatory deportation policy that Tel Aviv has just taken into implementation. After Israeli Population and Immıgration Bureau notified the African Origin Jewish citizens concerning where to be deported, that many Jewish people at deportation list inescapably withstood against the government policy led Benjamin Netanyahu to address this shocking sentence “if you do not adhere to our decision’s requirements, you’ll be compelled to deportation by security forces.” With this remark, Soros deemed Israel’s immigration policy in execution as undemocratic. 

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