Ayberk Eryılmaz- TDO- 19.07.2013- United Nations published a report scrutinizing life conditions in Gaza. In terms of the report, reaching fresh water, electricity, health care and amenities of education have been becoming much worse more than estimated. He said that every indicator is declining. Furthermore, there is a lack of productive life requiring for a society to manage the scarcity as well as lack of peace which cause unsafe status in the region. Accession to use electricity has just decreased two hours as well as that the health services are constricted.

As it is known, Israel impose blockade by limiting the entrance and exit as well as imports since Hamas known as a terrorist organization by Israel began to control the Gaza Strip in 2007. Then, Israel attempted to isolate the militants of Hamas by restricting the flow of goods including to the intermediate goods and capital goods and limiting access to transporting Egypt to enforce the blockade.

Robert Piper, the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities in Palestine, said Palestine which is under Israeli blockade was in wrong way. He continued that “Without such steps, Gaza will become more isolated and more desperate, the threat of a renewed, more devastating, escalation will increase, and the prospects for intra-Palestinian reconciliation will dwindle” and thus so will the prospects for peace between Israel and Palestine.

Robert Piper told life condition hardened extremely but people living in Gaza Strip strive to survive. 

Unemployment is spreading. To illustrate, approximately 60% of young people is unemployed. Withal, conflict in the years of 2008, 2012, 2014 raised the destruction of Gaza Strip. The report called ‘Gaza ten years later’ and published the anniversary ten years under Israeli blockade and it shows that restrictions deteriorate further and faster.

UN called Israel, Palestine government, Hamas and the international public opinion to go into action to recreation of Gaza’s productive potential, development of actions for human and flows of goods as well as protect the human rights and international law.

Meanwhile, yesterday, UN and non-governmental organizations carried out a field visit to Gaza Strip with a commission consisting of nine diplomats from Australia, Turkey, Germany, Canada and United Kingdom. The very important thing is they saw the agony and personally witness the impact of ten years of blockade and internal division.

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