Hassam Hameed-TDO-02.11.2017- As a part of reconciliation deal Hamas has handed the control of border in Gaza crossing to Palestinian Authorities(PA). Deal was brokered by Egypt and no conditions were set by Hamas nor Fatah. A ceremony at Rafah crossing saw a formal transfer of authority from Hamas to PA.

PA will administer the three crossings for cargo, Karam Abu Salam crossing next to Egypt, Rafah and Bet Hanoun(Erez). Erez is located on north of the strip and is being administered by Israel. PA will also take charge of the cargo crossing of Karni and and Sufa. Hamas security officials were seen moving from the crossings with their equipment, and PA were seen taking the charge.

PA officials have taken over the revenue accounts of Rafah and Karam Abu Salam. Hamas previously used those revenues to give salaries to 40,000-50,000 employees, which was mainly collected by merchants and passengers. These salaries will now be paid by PA and would be resolved by Feb 2018. Role of Hamas militant wing was not mentioned in the agreement, which counts to around 25,000 in number.

Israel and United States have strong reservations to the pact. US said any unity government would have to recognize Israel as a state and Disarm the “terrorists”.

The next round of reconciliation negotiations will be held on Nov 12 in Egypt.

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