After a very controversial election period Donald Trump from Republican Party has been elected as the 45th president of US. If we look at the distribution of Republican and Democrat Party votes, we see a majority of Trump’s votes coming from interior parts of the country and majority of Clinton’s votes coming from coasts. As results have been revealed, country-wide Street demonstrations especially in Washington D.C, New York, Portland, Oakland, Seattle and Georgia have been started. People joined street protests with banners written ‘’ Not my president’’ on. Trump has been criticized due to his strict capitalist and anti-muslim, anti- immigrant policies. Also, he is accused of being misogynist. Moreover many of Clinton’s supporters insulted Republican voters as being stupid.There is a political division between Democrats and Republicans mainly caused due to disagreements about foreign policy, weaponization, economic policies and religious beliefs of voters for so long. In 2008 Kelly Nykes  with co-writer Peter Hutchison and Jeff Beard produced a documentary film  about political polarization in US, named ‘’Split: A divided USA’’. In the film Nykes simply travel around the country look for political labels and their reference in diverse regions and make direct interviews with citizens.  His document revealed a similar result of political tendencies to presidential elections on Tuesday. According to his document upper class citizens from coasts have Democratic Party voters and middle-class Americans from interior parts of the country show republican tendencies. Another important point is each person has a feeling as it is an obligation to pick a side.Besides, regardless of street demonstrations in the country, there was a bureaucratic split in the government as president Obama was a Democrat Party member had to work together with a congress in which Republican Party members are the majority. As the Congress is occurred by the House of Representatives (total 435 representatives elected accordingly to population rate of states) and the Senate (total 100 senators includes 2 elected from each state), responsible from law making, there was a confusion in the government. With presidential elections, congress members have also been elected. Whole members of the House of Representatives and 1/3 members of the Senate have changed. According to 2014 results there were 54 Republican and 44 Democrat party members in the Senate and 247 Republican and 188 Democrat party members in the House of Representative. According to 2016 results, there are 52 Republicans and 46 Democrats in the Senate and 193 Democrats and 237 Republicans in the House of Representatives. So, Republicans preserved their majority in the Congress and the division in the state system seems to be been ended.Donald Trump as an out-of-politics, challenging the status quo of ‘Washington Elite’’ candidate won the elections. It seems as the government is united again.  Even artists like Miley Cyrus and Robert De Niro and Republicans that criticized Trump gave up to not to cause further problems. However, street protests are still continuing and people have concerns about civil rights in the country. We saw another example of to what extend an American can be democratic.

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